Nebu-100s Portable Nebulizer

This nebulizer atomizes liquid (normal saline), and sprays it into the user’s airway in order to keep the respiratory tract unobstructed, moisten respiratory tract, and dilute sputum.
Nebu-100s  Portable Nebulizer
Specifications / Features


 26mm (L) x 35mm (W) x 98mm (H)


 Approx. 48 g (Excluding batteries)

Power Supply

 3V DC ( 2“AAA”alkaline batteries)

Power Consumption

 Approx. 0.6W

Vibrating Frequency

 Approx. 117kHz

Spray Rate

 > 0.25 mL/min

Particle Size

 MMAD < 5μm


 Approx. 8 mL Maximum
 Approx. 1 mL Minimum

Battery Life

 Up to 2.5 hours if used continuously. 10 days if used daily for 15 minutes.
 (with two 1.5V"AAA"alkaline batterirs)

Operating Conditions

 10℃ ~ 40℃ (50∘F ~ 104∘F), 30 ~ 85% R.H.

Storage / Transportation Conditions

 -20℃ ~ 70℃(-4∘F ~ 158∘F), ≦ 85% R.H.
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