Lizard-100 Articulating Borescope

UCA series of industrial articulating endoscopic imaging tube, the structure for the multi-layer composite material, with the handle of the end of the cable , can control the front two-way 140-degree articulate structure, so that users can more easily control endoscopy in the detection field .
Lizard-100 Articulating Borescope
Specifications / Features

The result of borescope bending (Articulating probe)

The result of borescope bending (Dynamic diagram)
Other pictures
The structure of articulating borescupe(Multi-Layer Complex Structure)

Tool accessories of UCA55T series articulating borescope (manget / hook / mirror)

UCA40 series of two-way articulating borescope

UCA55T (Above) / UCA40 (Below) articulating borescope

Lizard-100 host and borescope assembly casing (for articulating borescope)

Install the assembly casing and connect it with the borescope grip

Insert the tube socket into the slot of Lizard-100 host

Lizard-100 host with UCA40/55T series articulating borescope (Assembly complete)